Searching for city & county codes and regulations and property information will become your favorite part of the job

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Property Information Database

All the San Diego county property records in one place.

The PermitDocs property information search database holds all relevant information for your project needs:


  • Parcel ID
  • San Diego Zoning Map
  • Zoning 
  • Overlays
  • Owner information
  • Permit Search 
  • FARs
  • Setback
  • Overlays
  • Zoning Designation
  • Height Limitations
  • Lots Size 
  • Lot dimensions
  • Building attribute
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Code and Regulation Search Engine

From endless phone calls to the frustrating process of visiting city hall, searching for codes today is like walking through an infinite maze of city and county websites. 

PermitDocs has revolutionized the way you research city and county codes and regulations through their code & regulation search engine. Through the power of machine learning and a database full of jurisdictions, you can search for all of the city and county codes and regulations in one place. Updated and maintained regularly.

Simply type in what you’re looking for and PermitDocs will do the rest. 

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Code & Regulation Library

Never search the same thing twice.

Municipality code saved here stays here. Allocate your time and resources effectively through a centralized location where all your property details, city and county codes and regulations can be easily viewed by everyone involved in your project.  

Save all your code and regulation search results in your personalized code library. From there, you and your team can easily locate and use the same data across different projects. No more searching for the same code 12 times each week. 

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Information Management

Your entire project in one place.

PermitDocs allows you to search, save, and organize your information into project folders across teams, so you can refer back to it through the entirety of the project, and even on future projects. You can now attach information to projects, so it’s never more than a click away. PermitDocs serves as a check and balance system to validate that the right information for a project has been researched and the right code is being used.

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Collaboration Tools

Invite internal and external guests into projects so you can view, collaborate, highlight, and comment on codes across teams and workflows.

To share with an external user, simply enter your user’s name and email, and PermitDocs sends them login instructions. You can choose their permissions level, so you don’t need to worry about user access. 

You can also use the property notes feature to add details to your search results and information so others can respond, giving you the opportunity to flag certain details, ask your coworkers questions, or even jot down your own thoughts on a property, code or regulation. That way, it’s not forgotten or lost in a sea of information and paperwork.

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