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What is a Setback?

Nov 30, 2020 7:37:14 AM

What is a Setback?
A setback is an important part of the building design process that is the minimum distance which a building or structure that must be set back from a street, road, public sewer and gas lines. Setbacks are important because they dictate where each structure can be located on the site in order to be set back from property lines and comply with setback requirements set by zoning designations that set specific uses.

Getting inaccurate setback data is frustrating and can lead to complications with your project, extra aggravation and even increase your project budgets.   Not to mention wasting your time that could be used for more productive areas of your business. Finding fast accurate data is an important part of the permit process. PermitDocs is here to help.    

What makes PermitDocs unique in finding setbacks?
PermitDocs is a solution that delivers a shortcut to a property’s setback information needed for land use and land development projects. It is a simple, easy-to-use software that gives you access to this information with the click of a mouse. PermitDocs revolutionizes the way building and architectural professionals search for setback information.   For example, zoning codes, it is an easy to use regulation search engine that gives you instant property search results in the cities located in San Diego County.

Simple • Easy • Efficient
PermitDocs is a code search engine that allows you to search like you do via Google for setbacks, easements and many other regulations needed for your projects creating tremendous efficiencies.

The famous question from your client as an architect, can I build in the front, side or back? This question uncovers one of the biggest issues specific to fixed front yard setbacks where a subdivision modifies the zoning codes and they never get updated. For example, street zoning with city council and the digital records get lost in translation creating inaccurate data. This is very common. These inconsistencies make it even more difficult to find accurate data during our COVID-19 pandemic. 

Common types of residential setbacks that PermitDocs can help you find:
  • Front yard
  • Rear Yard 
  • Side Yard 

Other issues that come up specific to setbacks are when people build over setback areas without updating records.   This eventually gets found when a survey is completed. However, each city in San Diego County handles setbacks differently creating more challenges. This creates the need for a solution to provide fast, accurate and reliable information for setbacks, easements and other zoning regulations in one search. PermitDocs delivers this solution.    

In addition to setbacks, easements that are recorded on the title can create issues specific to your building design process where you need to do a title search to find accurate information. Easements can cause issues and delays in the process.

PermitDocs creates efficiencies from these hindrances in the designing and building process by providing you easy-to-use, accurate data specific to setbacks, easements and a number of other zoning regulations.   We continue to enhance our solution by developing efficiencies and processes that create faster more accurate data. Our goal is to give you instant, reliable information via a click of a mouse that will aid you in finishing your project.

Take PermitDocs for a test drive today!


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