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Welcome to PermitDocs

Dec 10, 2019 11:45:02 AM

Why We’re Here

There is so much more to land development than the design and labor that bring plans to life. Because City, County or State Zoning Codes dictate what scope of work is actually permissible, these permit requirements are the main drivers behind the work team must do. 

Depending on the complexity of the project, you might spend 5 hours or 50 hours researching through zoning and building codes to encompass the full scope of the project. It is important to make sure that your research is up-to-date, comprehensive and error-free, or you might find out that the labor and work you’ve put into your projects violate codes or zoning. 

And errors like this lead to countless hours and dollars spent re-working what’s been done incorrectly, pushes back deadlines and delays projects, and can even cost you clients, your licenses and reputation. 

That’s why locating property information and zoning codes is necessary to establish a project’s scope, no matter how frustrating or time-consuming this is. It is crucial to conduct this research before a project starts, or it might never be finished.  

Although there is an obligation for cities, counties, states, trade organizations, and other information holders to make information about zoning and code regulations publicly available, there is no legal requirement to make these permits and documents easy to find.

From playing phone tag, sending emails and visiting the City Hall, to searching through an endless maze of websites, a search process can quickly spiral into a time-consuming pit—one that can lead to errors that cost you money, and reputation.

PermitDocs simplifies the search processes for professionals in design, engineering, construction, and the build & sale of real estate by offering one intelligent, comprehensive software platform for information management and project collaboration. So you can communicate easier, update more accurately, and build faster.

Why We Work

Our custom search engine and document library will make finding and saving document codes a one-click process. All you need to do is enter in keywords you’re searching for – from first-floor restaurants to oceanside apartments – and PermitDocs will find everything you need. 

By using PermitDocs, you can integrate project management and elevate communication so you can share insights, data, and updates to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Project evaluation and progress tracking features make your next moves easy, so you can make the right decisions for your projects, delivering the best possible outcomes for everyone. 

The streamlined research process with the AI-driven search engine means fewer errors, fewer resources wasted, and happier clients. PermitDocs supports you as you grow and tackle new projects. You won’t just reduce the loss of physical resources or churn—you’ll increase ROI, client satisfaction, and team morale. Say goodbye to losing clients; positive word of mouth will spread quickly and build momentum for your company, driving interest, and excitement. We get you the information you need, so you can stick to what you love most – making your ideas a reality. 

About PermitDocs

Transform the way you locate property information, zoning and building codes with PermitDocs. With us, you can access the property zoning and building codes you need—in one seamless platform. PermitDocs produces tangible, exciting results for every single project. 

We get you the information you need, so you can stick to what you love most – making your ideas a reality. ind the permitting documents you need, when you need them. We’re your secret competitive edge—providing you with a personal database of zoning requirements and code regulations so that you can push past competitors.

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