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Oasis Architecture & Design Partners With PermitDocs

Nov 3, 2020 5:40:32 AM

Oasis Architecture & Design Partners With PermitDocs

Oasis Architecture & Design In September 2020 Oasis Architecture & Design Inc, partnered with PermitDocs, Why? Because it is an essential workflow efficiency tool for an industry that has become overwhelmed trying to locate property information, city and county codes, and regulations for every deal or project. Currently PermitDocs is available in the following cities; Carlsbad, Chula Vista Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondidio, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach and Vista.

Finding important information that is required for our projects is a challenge.  For example, lot size, height limitations, setbacks, zoning designation, zoning overlays, density and municipal codes. It means we go through an exhausting and frustrating process of phone calls that go to voice mails, unanswered emails, visits to City Hall, and searches through an endless maze of websites – all of which can potentially lead to errors that cost time, money, and reputation.


About Oasis Architecture & Design
Oasis is an Architecture and Design firm that focuses on creating designs that reduce stress, generates calming moments and places of delight that express the personalities of their clients. Their goal is to inspire the mind of their clients by shaping and forming the spaces we live in. The beautiful Oasis we call HOME. A design synthesis that is an expression of the client with collaborated efforts. The key to their success is in the documents that guide everyone to this common goal. No one project is the same. Oasis Architecture & Design adjusts for different personalities. Oasis lives, grows and strives to perfect them.  

Their process of design sets them apart from other firms. Oasis Architecture & Design enjoys getting to know their clients well by creating a relationship of trust so the design can be an expression and extension of their personality. The way Oasis interacts with clients is two directional, they act and Oasis reacts to the client’s needs. Oasis uncovers how their clients feel in an environment and uses this to create a space full of positive and intentional experiences.

Oasis Architecture & Design creates positive experiences with Clients, Interior designers, Contractors and their Craftsman (the TEAM) is the testament to their reputation. Their attention to detail in understanding their clients, creating extensive and precise documents is why Oasis Architecture & Design has been recognized many times by publications such as San Diego Home & Gardens, Panache Publishing, LOCALE, Beach and Bay Press, Icon for top awards and accolades.

Why Oasis Architecture & Design Created A Partnership With PermitDocs
Mark C. Morris believes by partnering with PermitDocs, Oasis Architecture & Design gets a fresh perspective from being an active user helping PermitDocs perfect the innovative solution. Mark is perfectionist and has little tolerance for things that disrupt what he considers an intuitive natural flow of a process. He thrives on efficiency. It’s the same way he runs his office, builds teams and creates lasting designs tailored to the client’s personality.   It was an easy decision to partner with PermitDocs because the solution creates value.

We are in an age of technology and information where everyone expects instant answers and assumes, they are easy to get because everything is digital. Before PermitDocs the permit process was not very digital and was poorly organized, difficult to follow and extremely time consuming to culminate. Having a single source with instant access to information that is intuitive and informative becomes a reality with Permit Docs.

Why PermitDocs

  • Allows you to put all project information into one place
  • Allows you to organize your projects and share them with your team
  • Architecture requires collaboration and sharing of information, PermitDocs is a solution that creates these efficiencies in your organization and is proven to save time and money (ROI)
  • PermitDocs creates tremendous value

According to Mark, the future of PermitDocs is unlimited. He liked the search button and intelligence behind it. It will allow for the expansion of the company into other regions and other fields of organizing information, data and documents.   Imagine researching and organizing a project, then adding to research into waterproofing methods, flashing details, questions of material longevity, videos of product installation and then sharing this with your staff, clients or even your sub-contractors. This makes PermitDocs unique and a valuable resource.

 Mark C. Morris:  "PermitDocs creates an edge for your business"

The partnership was created because of the efficiencies and edge it gives you on your competitors. PermitDocs gives you instant access to critical project information that is organized and sharable. It is a tool that creates value, has a proven ROI and shared collaboration allowing Oasis Architecture & Design to effectively create harmonious spaces for their clients to live, thrive, share and be grateful for. The greatest compliment is the text from a client telling us how happy they are to be in the space we made for them to soak in and enjoy. By Mark C. Morris

About PermitDocs
PermitDocs is a powerful data-sourcing and information management software platform that serves as the ultimate tool for professionals who need to manage and search for project data. Through an AI-powered search engine, PermitDocs revolutionizes how professionals search for property, code, and regulation data. Thanks to the smart collaborative tools built into the product, users not only cut their research times by 50% or more, but also enables them to easily manage their data and work better with other professionals.  

  • We reduce project timelines
  • Avoid expensive code errors
  • Help make your clients happier

Now with the click of your mouse PermitDocs becomes a code search engine that gives you instant access to setbacks, zoning designation, overlay zoning, municipal codes including San Diego county property codes. PermitDocs is a game changer for the industry. According to Mark C. Morris the principal architect of Oasis Architecture & Design, “PermitDocs property information is vital, but their code search is essential tool that makes them a leader in their industry.” For this reason, Oasis Architecture partnered with PermitDocs.  





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