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Through one seamless platform PermitDocs provides fast access to accurate municipal property zoning & building codes & regulations for land use & land development. The platform simplifies the Design, Engineering, Development, Build & Sales of Residential Real-estate.

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Save Time, Improve Accuracy, Increase Profitability, Elevate Client Satisfaction

Making the Permit Process Easy & Predictable

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Save Valuable Time

Stop navigating the maze of online zoning and building codes, endless emails, calls, and trips to city hall. Through an Artificial-Intelligence enhanced search, PermitDocs consolidates your information and presents only the relevant results you need!

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Accurate Information Leads to Successful Outcomes

PermitDocs catalogs hundreds of authoritative data sources in each market, extracts only what’s needed through our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and puts that information at your fingertips.

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Efficient Work Increases Profitability

Never search for the same thing twice, or waste hours chasing down that last elusive bit of information you need for a project. You can feel confident the critical details needed for your project have not been missed.

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Deliver First Class Service

Information accessibility and organization directly leads to improved quality of work, increased productivity and allows you to provide the level of service your clients deserve.

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